The Yazaki North America EMC Laboratory Scope

The Yazaki North America EMC Laboratory is equipped for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing on automotive components as well as some AC powered devices.

The lab has three semi-anechoic chambers that are lined with ferrite tiles and absorbing cones. In these chambers, we can perform radiated emissions, conducted emissions and radiated immunity testing. The largest chamber has a 4 meter tall antenna mast to allow for engineering development FCC emissions testing. Immunity testing capability is 200 volts per meter CW up to 18 GHz.  We also have a mode tuned )reverb) chamber capable of testing CW and pulse modulation up to 3.2 GHz.    Our lab also has the ability to test to a majority of the worldwide automotive standards.

In addition, we have a shielded room with a separate climate control system to allow us to conduct electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing on components up to 30 KV.

We also have a 50 cm septum GTEM cell which can be used for emissions and immunity testing. The GTEM also has an additional feature to accommodate SAE J1752 integrated circuit testing.

The entire EMC laboratory is climate controlled.

The component reverberation (mode stir, mode tuned) chamber allows testing for immunity to the GMW and Ford standards. We can attain up to 600 V/m for pulsed radar testing.

We have several conducted transient and sine wave immunity test stands that allow testing products that require up to 60V and 100 amps. Our computer test setup library includes all USA domestic standards plus many international standards.

The engineering development (ED) laboratory is available to our design engineers to take an early look at prototype electronics. This lab has network analyzers, near field probes, a TEM cell, custom Japanese transient generators and a Ford parallel wire fixture.

In addition to EMC Testing, we are now conducting RF Cable testing to USCAR 17.